Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why your body is a machine

"Your body is not a machine" is a phrase that I've been hearing over time and I just simply cannot agree with this statement. There have been many discussions about how society today treats its body as a machine and that it is not the right way to go as it is simply more than that.

YOU, as a person, are more than a machine. That is a fact that I am sure of. You are consisting of a body and a soul and the intertwined processes.
The body in itself however, consisting of all its elements is just matter. But matter always has to have a form, as Descartes described, so that it serves a certain function.

This is the same for a machine: matter that is put in a certain form so that it serves a certain purpose, a function. But for it to work, it needs soil.
For a body to work, we need soil too. Input and output. You give something, you get something back.
And sometime when it does not do what you want, then there should be some issue with the machine that does disturb certain processes. The only difference is that a machine can be de-montaged to find the issue. However, the body is more complex to be cut open to search for the issue.

If this is the only difference, why shouldn't I perceive the body as a machine, a carrier of a soul?

Imagine if this belief would be applied by everybody; it would mean that there would be more attention to the soul. Because as long as the machine works, it become part of the periphery meaning there is more space for other things.
If all the attention that now goes to the body -including the looks- shifts to the soul, it would mean that the search to who we are and what we want is much shorted than it is now.
And if we find out what our needs are, we will use the body as a medium to fulfil these needs. Just as the car is a medium to get from A to B.

In the end it goes back to one thing: 'your body is a machine!'

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Judge a book by its cover

The idea to personalize my notebook came from the fact that it didn't matter what notebook I bought, the cover would never meet my expectation. There would always be something about it that would not be 'me'. 
Yet the content of notebooks -at least mine- have a certain value. Yes, they are work related, but its content that was part of my fascination or stream of thoughts; content that I wanted to inhale or exhale.

I started to crochet my first notebook cover, which was first just something to kill time with. But eventually I loved the texture that it had when I touched it. Besides that, it looks so much nicer than a flat, hard cover -despite the visuals on it.


Currently I'm busy with a blue A5 cover which is taking far too long to be finished. But if that means that I have a nice and fluffy cover for the next year, It's completely work it.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Inspiring places: De Eetkaamer

A week ago a came across a cafe/restaurant which I fell in love with the moment I passed by.
Dark wooden walls full of frames, tables that remind me of Piet Hein Eek and non matching chairs everywhere. It gave me this warm homey feeling that I have been searching for in restaurants: down to earth, warm and a wow-effect.

And this was just what I saw from outside the windows.
Once I walked in to have a closer look, there was a little corner with lovely crafty objects that you could buy. In fact, everything in there was for sale, including the chairs and the tables.

As today was my birthday, I decided to have some food and drink there. Usually there's always something not matching when it comes to restaurants. Either the food doesn't match the atmosphere, or the other way round. Here however, it went beyond my expectations. This place stays true to its concept. Biological food, home made cakes, and the most amazing sandwiches.
This is what I call a full experience.

This is not where it stops however. Once talking to the super friendly staff, they told me this place was build in a month by a staff of three people! And that's what I like, you can really see the ambition that is put into this back in the place.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Eetkaamer, I promise you will have a great experience.

The adress is: 
Brabantplein 10A
5401 GS Uden

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Expanding the community

Breathe Me has just launched a Facebook page!

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